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BAPMy training in both visual arts and the life sciences has been the foundation for a career focused on applying visual thinking skills to the understanding of complex science concepts and information. With experience as a creative director, communications consultant, business owner, and teacher, my primary interest now is advancing the integration of visual literacy skills into science research, education, and communication.

I’m available for consulting, teaching, presentations, and creative direction of science communication projects, specializing in outreach to non-science audiences.


I’ve collaborated with scores of science-based companies and organizations—including Amgen, Genentech, Johnson & Johnson, NASA, and countless biotech start-ups—to create innovative visuals that support researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, and healthcare providers. I founded and served for 12 years as creative director of a design firm that specialized in communicating the sophisticated science of biotechnology to investors, venture capitalists, and patients—audiences often lacking expertise in science. My creative work as an illustrator and art director has won over 120 industry awards. Please visit the Experience section of this website to see representative examples of my work.


As president of the Association of Medical Illustrators, 2009-2010, an international organization of over 800 members, I led successful initiatives to broaden the scope of the profession to encompass these emerging opportunities in mobile media, educational games, and other new technology applications.


I have particular expertise in facilitating collaboration across disciplines, and across many fields of science and medicine. Most of my work has been the result of leading interdisciplinary teams of scientists, business people, graphic designers, medical illustrators, writers, and other specialists. I participated by invitation in a novel collaborative workshop sponsored by Harvard’s Envisioning Science Program, which brought together scientists and artists to explore new visual expressions in science and technology.

I’ve taught at the graduate level in both science and visual communications at UCSF and the University of Michigan Medical School. My work has appeared in numerous publications and has been exhibited internationally. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I graduated from a specialized interdisciplinary program at the University of Michigan with a Master of Science in Medical and Biological Illustration. I’m a Fellow of the Association of Medical Illustrators and a Board Certified Medical Illustrator.

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